Designs for Elle                 -
Fleece Buddies® are 15 inch soft fleece dolls, with hand embroidered, lightly stuffed, sleepy faces and blanket bodies - ideal for little ones and children of all ages. Machine washable and dryable, they are the perfect gift for a baby shower, arrival of a new baby, toddler's birthday, or any holiday.
Grandchild tested, and approved - they are sure to be a favorite of all the kids in your life!  Even teens think they're adorable!
New colors will be available at our upcoming craft showings along with popular prints and polka-dots.  
When ordering from our "Let's Shop!" page, click on the photos to enlarge for a closer view of the body fabric.  Remember that each of our little Fleece Buddies® is hand made - so no two are exactly alike.  The embroidered faces are all a bit different with slight variations in the shape and color of eyes, noses, mouths and cheeks. Be sure to look for the heart applique on each doll. 
Face color choices listed on the "Let's Shop!" page are shown below. 
        Light  /  Medium  /  Dark
As we find new fabric prints, the selection on our "Let's Shop!" page changes.  All of our Fleece Buddies® are unique!